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Not dead

2016-04-20 22:02:16 by BowserThedestructive

Though I have a second account named Tetrahedrix as a way of starting fresh, I don't want to lose my history of submissions here though starting fresh with all music made from scratch of course is the plan.

EDIT April 23rd. 2016 - Almost forgot

I will be primarily posting everything new to that account, but thanks to all those that have continued to stay wih me a little bit over the years!


Long time

2014-11-08 12:46:04 by BowserThedestructive

New track released and it turned out AWESOME!


2013-01-02 11:59:07 by BowserThedestructive

New year, gained 1+ more year of experience.


2012-02-05 16:51:54 by BowserThedestructive

O rly..just to post a 2012 post dats all..


2011-09-14 04:04:01 by BowserThedestructive

With a new attitude and more awesomeness!

Im still here

2011-07-23 11:52:05 by BowserThedestructive

Yep...still here..

Ill be working on a jazz/latin sweet A$$ version of never gonna give You up ive already did the basic layout in midi and it sounds GREAT i still am gonna add more instruments and an atmosphere to it but its gonna be SW33t

Oh hai..

2010-11-07 15:19:14 by BowserThedestructive

Oh hai there...:O

In Which case i will be upping to 2GB dual channel ram which will help alot ;p in this way i will be able to carve bigger orchestras then ever. and better also more amounts inswell :O oh and i am working on two NONE VG orchestras that will rox everyone's sox off as well.

Two is THE BAD TOUCH. both having remixed drums and all kinds of awesomeness of new stuff ive learned built into it.

lol not much i can say other then THANK You =) i am now at 202 People who have FAVORITED ME!!

ALSO CHECK MY ICON has you may notice on my PAGE !! its my new profile picture i made using Some new techniques i experimented with using CINEMA 4D R11.5!!! My banner picture is 2007/08 old its still cool but i do plan on getting a better pimped picture so i will be making a new banner thats cooler once i get the right idea for it for now i dont know what i could put in its place :P

Update 11-12-09!!!!!!!