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2008-05-04 04:13:08 by BowserThedestructive

Like my new banner!!!!!!


Lolz proof

2008-05-02 16:01:22 by BowserThedestructive

Just alittle Proof for Some people .. who thought i stole a certain song or anything.. .
this was the producting of my latest Mix.

Lolz proof

AND by that i mean I REMIX THEM All..
AND ADD MY on touch None are stolen ILL be Showing who seqeunced them Now also so You atleast Know who Made the MIDI
Which is what i use to Make a Techno/orchestra You name it Remix./Remake But more remix
i love techno.
And hard Bass.
I love newgrounds and the "stuff I DO" its not has good has Making my own songs but like i said before
ALl i need and am stll waiting for is an MIDI Controller So i can make my Own beats.
using a mouse is too hard with FL.
THen ill be First trying at the beat seqeuncer though ive messed wuth it before.
Most of latest songs i Made in the stance of "ADDICTINGNESS"
AKA croaky basses And Awesome drums Most of My Drum beats that i replace Of Orignal which makes it Unique like normal drums of MIDI consist of 1 set or multiple seperate tracks if its good.
Ill make 3 differnt tracks and copy drums data over both Then add My new thing called
"Drum bass"adding hard to hear drums Bass to follow 2 or more other main beat drums.
You hear this in my latest SOng Well remix well remake well just listen."The Bad Techno bass Touch"

like the new style

2008-04-27 16:42:01 by BowserThedestructive

Like my New try on remixing MIDI?
I cant really make my own song but the ones i do remake I redo their instruments to my Taste :P
Making an Song sound Old to Ungenericly Cool.
My newest one i am going to work on is
SSBM Collab that massive one didnt turn out so good the first time
SO i am going to make a better one,

has soon has i make my first song once i get an MIDI controller :) by june
i want to do the MASSIVE COLLAB of all COLLABS called
THE ULTIMATE GENRE i was peices of the best Dj'ers to help in :) pls :O
ill update on it when it goings to get started i can do it on my Own but a collab is alot better cus i get ideas from other ppl :)
wil contain alot of differnt sH!T
Metal hardcore
Hard core techo
Dance hip Hop remixed
lots more :O
in maybe lets hope 10 to 13 minute partay Music Style remix and being ill be sharing the FLP it will be remixable :)

Well i think ima go on an OLDIE(self made mixes) Remake/remix ATHON
has u see My old crappy mixes included FL dEMO stuff no VST, no automations
well NOW THEY will snesei use SF2,LOTS AND LOTS OF VST :),and self made TRANCE LEADS which i liek ALOT!
and ALL OF DRUMMED sets i use are lots and lots somesongs ill BUNCH up to 10 Differnt hardcore drums all aligned to same pattern of data=SUPER DRUMS boom boom boom :)


2008-03-11 22:07:48 by BowserThedestructive

Working on A big song my FIRST SOng EVER MADE BY ME EVER!So HOLD TIGHT!

code veronica ima remake it with lesssharp stuff and make it alotbetter K,

im going to try my best to tweak them and make them very unique ..

Ive got more GOOD music on Its way including Mission Impossible Remix V2 with Better differnt stuff close to the orignal But with better DRUMS set :) and alot stronger o and ive got 92 saves 1 blams :) im finally close to town watch level :) YA :0 ill have it-__- if more ppl would post some flash i can rate :)