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:D :D:D O YA O YA and im still stuck on what king of santa songed christmasie kind of audio i could make for a christmas audio submission..



2007-12-19 17:11:58 by BowserThedestructive

Christmas is 6 days to go..

:P im well um lol

2007-12-06 16:00:43 by BowserThedestructive

Ah well lol My recordings of games own should i try flash conversions..

THOSE SONSOFABI*****CHES Who purposely Rate my audio submissions Low for ABUSIVE REASON I Hope YOUR MOM RAPES YOUR ******* :P:P:P:P:P:P:+-_--_--_--__-_-

STUPID newgrounds 2 AUDIO SUBMISSIONS per day limit


2007-12-02 10:03:27 by BowserThedestructive

my latest submission is almost done -_- ima making to much of a deal about too LOL. Well time to calm done with hot chocolate.=)

my pimped PC :D

2007-12-01 16:15:38 by BowserThedestructive

:Dya i founda sweet vista theme it much.

my pimped PC :D

Cus i get 200$ or more hopefully to get ARMAX,Halo PC,Dazzle HD DVD Recorder,Maybe Ps2 with Tenkaichi 1,2 maybe just 1 or 2.And stuff :D then ican make good quality Youtube Recordings without Kworld TVR.

:D I cant wait til Christmas =)

well hello Newgrounders COME VISIT ME ON YOUTUBLE :0
( ) :P
well CYA :D(T-November,20th,2007)

"Well first Post" :P