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Update 10-30-09

2009-10-30 16:21:00 by BowserThedestructive

Er little late but i have a halloween orchestration that i am gonna do might not be done for awhile being so busy and all..But it will come >:D has a small poll... of who ever reads this

Although personally Z.R.E.O. IS and always will be best orchestrator of the zelda songs but being i do stuff my own way and people like you enjoy it like i do myself Does anyone want me to do any zelda songs Just request one from any zelda game has long has i can get the midi.

a cool image i made in C4D R11

Update 10-30-09


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2009-11-01 01:53:42

Nice image and could you do hyrule castle market (OOT). I would like to see what you can do wuth that tune.

- your biggest fan: jioplip

BowserThedestructive responds:

You bet i will i already have quite a turn of idea on what i can do on it =D