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No New Orchestra's till next month

2010-01-24 14:48:01 by BowserThedestructive

In Which case i will be upping to 2GB dual channel ram which will help alot ;p in this way i will be able to carve bigger orchestras then ever. and better also more amounts inswell :O oh and i am working on two NONE VG orchestras that will rox everyone's sox off as well.

Two is THE BAD TOUCH. both having remixed drums and all kinds of awesomeness of new stuff ive learned built into it.


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2010-03-25 17:17:38

you could always do some final fantasy stuff?

BowserThedestructive responds:

Oh yah your right :O sorry dont check profile page much if i dont get any comments in time lol :P


2010-06-10 22:36:39

Nice! Can't what too hear your "New and improve" Songs out of your new upgrade.

Feel good inc is my favorite song from the Gorillaz. I'm looking forward to it!

BowserThedestructive responds:

Im preparing a jazz version of this song right now that will be light years ahead in quality compared to my old orchestra version :O