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ITs over 9000 ......AND....ITS SPARTALISOUS!


Pure Awesomeness those hentai pokemon omg not to be perv or anything lolz >_._> But they r FREAKING SEXY MEXY LOL


Idiots this is funny dont dare give him a 0!

Although personally i hate obama because of who he is But that doesnt effect the review of this flash I LOVED THE FLASH funniest thing ever Please make one similar but even funnier but make it where mccain and bush win that be so funny lol

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already at level 13 on gonna keep on going LOL this flash i declare Must pass! ;D

I think it needs a save option though some how.this game is really good i wish there was some good BG music to it though like a catchy loop ^_^


i am the one who made the luigis spooky mansion v1 i just now noticed you put it in a flash ;0 wait You just recently did o.0 i found out while looking through my old submissions Nice WORK :D hope you become good at flash now if only i liked to draw i could draw mario and luigi :) thanks ima fav this for later :)

javier64 responds:

Thanks for droping by im glad you liked it, I hope I get better soon too, and ill keep using your submissions, I like the style of your music. keep up the good work ^_^

thanks so much

Very Very informative now i can own the abusvie spammers ive had probs with before >_>

Little-Rena responds:

Good luck with that, glad you liked it.

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It was alright, not creepy though. Bells could of been better, maybe even attuned and de-tuned a smudge more, but good effort regardless.

Brilliant, sounds like it could fit a DBZ movie/live movie/cinematic movie.

Could be improved greatly over all, but initial impressions of it are that it's EPIC!

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Sounds really good, you should be proud of this track wish I could of done something like this. 5/5 10/10 will surely download heck this music would go great with as footage for a video.

Bass sounds really nice and tight the kick punches really good I think.
The highs sound just silky and smooth nice spread of the stereo image.
Melodies and chords sound awesome!!!
Can't think of much else to say you did great, glad I clicked on this song!

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Mich responds:

Wow, many thanks!

I actually got some feedback saying the kick could do with a bit more low end, which I agreed with, as I put the low cut a little too high on the equalizer.

I'm pretty happy with how the melodies turned out; doodling around on a MIDI keyboard and regularly recording those ideas as actual notes certainly helps.

Thanks for the kind words!

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