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lol not much i can say other then THANK You =) i am now at 202 People who have FAVORITED ME!!

ALSO CHECK MY ICON has you may notice on my PAGE !! its my new profile picture i made using Some new techniques i experimented with using CINEMA 4D R11.5!!! My banner picture is 2007/08 old its still cool but i do plan on getting a better pimped picture so i will be making a new banner thats cooler once i get the right idea for it for now i dont know what i could put in its place :P

Update 11-12-09!!!!!!!

Update 10-30-09

2009-10-30 16:21:00 by BowserThedestructive

Er little late but i have a halloween orchestration that i am gonna do might not be done for awhile being so busy and all..But it will come >:D has a small poll... of who ever reads this

Although personally Z.R.E.O. IS and always will be best orchestrator of the zelda songs but being i do stuff my own way and people like you enjoy it like i do myself Does anyone want me to do any zelda songs Just request one from any zelda game has long has i can get the midi.

a cool image i made in C4D R11

Update 10-30-09

Update 9-27-09 ^.^ Upgrades WOohoo

2009-09-27 15:48:47 by BowserThedestructive

I would like to show you some of the vst's i use and mastering vst's has well has My Look the same but is fl 9 host =) but just bit more glossy also a new windows 7 theme in use ^.^ ive used some before but i like this one for being simple and doesnt cause any theme interaction problems. no glass but still is good.
below is a pic of fl 9 and my new theme. i took 1 to 8 pictures shrunk them for newgrounds forgot its 1 pic per post -.- so visit this url below for the rest of them. 4/RAINBOWBOWSERPOW9999/2009/


Update 9-27-09 ^.^ Upgrades WOohoo

I just wanted to say thanks to all the 155 people who have faved me over the 2 years ive been here not many but hey its still a start being i dont make orignal music but i am good at what i do ... if i work on it long enough and i bring unique style to the word Orchestrate...virtualized ;p

heres my 4 BIG PROJECTS i have still being worked on side by side while in the last month of school

BANJOOREO-> wierd name but um.. lol think of it has Z.R.E.O Zelda >reorchestrated..

I will be doing something similar so to speak ill be doing Has many of the tunes has i can so to say covering everyone people mostly know and dont know. of Banjo Kazooie

And dont forget tooie tooie has awesome music and i will bring EPiC back into TooiE

And ive also decided to orchestrate remasterring of Coverage of Mario Kart 64 Songs all the loved ones you hear in the game ending included

And not just that i will be Orchestrating nearly all in Donkey kong 64 nearly has in a tiny few left out but most definatly all of them. [Tunes] in the game

So in short
Ill be orchestrating

I wont be ReRedoing most boss orchestrals ive already done but i will include my reorch versions that ive done on here in so called albums you will see what i mean once its all put together. >;]

that doesnt mean i wont be uploading any side projects heres a few im still slowly working on

Super mario 64 Ending
a few sm64 songs namely battlefield...Song

Fountain of everlasting dreams a sucess to my first one which has 3,000+ views.. on here o.o
and is most popular..
it will have higher quality instruments sound ab it better But Most likely wont have has much success has the orignal one i did with edirol orchestra...vst
but will sound classical...Ish More.. maybe diff ...

with this i say AJou SwaSwa Goustemtight >_>.....BYE ^_^ for now til the next post ...>_> or till You ask something and i respond >:}

Heres a small picture of what my project looks like before ive done Begun..instrument sequencing.

Project Update 4-20-09 OrchestralS

And im back ;0

2009-03-05 20:45:28 by BowserThedestructive

Screw sony error now i got adobe premiere pro CS3 And it works WONDERFULL :)
Now i can output my Mulit instrument HD wav files into one file = HD mp3 = FUll orchestration

Sadely I Export my intruments 1 by 1 and realign them within sony vegas
But lately sony vegas has decided to be a douchebag...on me and freeze when starting up when it reaches the intialiazing directx files and no fix yet :(
so.. all my orchestrals so far cant be put back together to 1 file aka how i get such good clarity...

Ill repost once its fixed..until then :( listen to the great artists on my fav list :)

i have alot to do but i wont be doing anymore until i get this ram upgrade my step dad is gonna be able to get me soon 2GB hopefully and more hdd space woot
once i have more ram you can expect twice has much quality in my orchestrals and more instruments has i will be able to load my half a gig piano finally with all of its awesomeness :D without lag or latency.

i think..

2008-11-29 03:38:08 by BowserThedestructive

I may orchestrate some megaman series themes maybe ^.^

To clear things up after i read about "midi RIps" in OCremix's Site i see why they wouldnt acccept my mixes i havent even tried to so it dont really matter i love ng :D
to clear bout How i really orchestrate them i do use midi yes but only the best i dont just use any.
Most midi rips are just small modifcations maybe instrument changes n stuff and is then "claimed" has an orignal work...Which Sense ive been doing this i have not Once Said any of these are orignal works At all. "thanks to 100 FAV ARTIST :D" Cause i just got 100 :D But back to the above.. my orchestrals whole point is to turn transform Classicalize Ethiniztize Industrialize VG Songs i love the most..I do this when orchestrating Modifcation wise
Edit Tempo
Edit Notes
Edit Well I replace the whole shabang n Master each individual instrument
Edit Note speed n legato
Embrace a bit ..
and overall enhance of course you all know that by now :) lol....
well no one really talks bout the above or to clear that up for anyone at all >_>
I just wanted to tell You all bout it..
Below contains my latest orchestrals in the works
1.Donkey Kong 64 Bosses ALL of them In TOTAL: -7%- Done. "check out my Armodillo Orchestral"
2.FFII A few i personally picked to do..0% Not started them yet.
3.Sonic The hedgehog 3.. 0%
4.Chrono Trigger 0%
5.FFV 0%
6.FF9 0%
Im not orchestrating all the songs from the game just the boss main theme maybe and a few good character themes :D
thanks to who ever faved me to make me have 100 who have has one of there fav artist :D

i have been taking good time for my latest orchestral remakes and of course some ihave on hold until i get more ram SO...take a look at the picture below i have compiled my 4 latest projects being worked on :D
and one for dbz-dude ;) has a request

hey whats up its Master Orchestrator here have a look fans or anyone who wants to ;o